Inside Sources Reveal Uhuru’s New Strategies To Ensure Raila Succeeds Him

President Uhuru Kenyatta is indeed very keen on ensuring that ODM leader Raila Odinga succeeds him, it has been established.

Uhuru has reportedly been trying to ensure that Raila is the next President by among others, rallying his allies from the Mt Kenya region to help popularize him in the region.

He is also reportedly to be keen on rallying all the remaining opposition bigwigs behind his cabdidature to help him beat his (Uhuru) deputy William Ruto in the awaited contest.

Fresh details indicate that Uhuru has now rallied the entire ‘system’ behind the former Premier and will soon unleash all the state power at his disposal to help Raila.

He has also directed Mt Kenya leaders to host Raila as many times as possible so that he can become a familiar figure in the eyes of locals, some of whom see him as an enemy.

This is even as sources tell The Star that this is the farthest he will be going and will not personally campaign for Raila to avoid making him appear like a state project.

They say that Uhuru is also avoiding dropping the baggage of his government’s failures on Raila, claims that have been dismissed by Nominated MP Maina Kamanda.

“Time is coming when the President will personally lead the campaigns. Very soon and very soon,” he told the paper while insisting that Uhuru will indeed canpaign for Raila.

Uhuru has said that he will not dictate Kenyans on who to vote, possibly the reason why, according to the sources, he prefers to pull the strings from behind the scenes.

His allies are said to be the ones behind the functions Raila has been attending in Mt Kenya and have rolled out an aggresive campaign in his favour.

And while Raila seems ready to face the mountain and ask for the vote, some Uhuru allies warn that unless he (Uhuru) personally leads the campaigns, nothing will be achieved.

“Things will remain static until the President decides to hit the road. The majority of the people at the grassroots want the President to step out and declare his support for Raila,” an area leader told the paper.

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