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Inside Raila grand plan to pick Gideon Moi as running mate in 2022 with Uhuru blessing.

That Raila Odinga’s name being on the ballot in 2022 is no-longer a debate. The storm at the grapevine is in which political lineup is he going to form.

The politics of dynasty is coming at play irregardless of the manner in which the beneficiaries have tried to shoot it down.

In the newly found friendship between the three Kenyan prominent families in the country, Odinga will be capitalizing on this front to go for a political union with Kenyatta and Moi families to make his fifth and final stab at the presidency.

According to insider sources, this so called dynasty power deal between the Kenyattas, Mois and the Odingas was discussed and sealed at the bed of the then ailing H.E Daniel Moi’s Kabarak home before the 24 year former president breathed his last.

Those in the know alluded to us that the dynasty covenant was being held by former President Daniel Moi who is said to be more comfortable with the handshake more than the option of an individual by the name William Ruto. Daniel Moi is said to have held a personal grudge against Ruto that he gave express instructions that the deputy president should never come to see him on his sick bed.

The Late Moi’s fear was pegged on the fact that if Ruto succeeded Uhuru, his family will be the first target; to revenge on all the wrong the family did to him.

The late Moi’s headache ahead of his inevitable death was that Ruto already grabbed the opportunity to be installed a Kalenjin elder, a position Moi had never relinquished even after serving and retiring from politics with 24 years as presidency hoping it will automatically pass to one of his sons.

Despite his decades differences with the Odinga’s, the late President Moi is said to have accepted the handshake deal between Uhuru and Raila as long as it was going to accommodate his favourite son Gideon, but strictly isolate Ruto.

In the grand scheme, in a presidential protocol breach, a political symbolic event was done after the President Uhuru Kenyata’s speech; the late Moi’s eldest son and Rongai MP Raymond Moi was told by his father to hand over the “rungu ya Nyayo” to Gideon. In the secret family agreement, Gideon Moi was anointed as the heir apparent on matters relating to politics and Raymond remained head of the family businesses.

It is also on record that Raila Odinga, despite their historical differences held several meetings with the late president Moi to plan this grand plot.

According to sources, the last time Moi saw Raila while he was still in his senses, the late president is said to have held hands of both Raila and Gideon with ODM leader on his right and Gideon on the left as a sign of their 2022 union since Uhuru was already serving his last term.

It is worth noting that during Easter holiday this year, Atwoli hosted Raila at his Kajiado palatial home together with Wamalwa, James Orengo, Junet Mohammed and Jubilee vice-chairman David Murathe.

It was at the meeting held at Atwoli’s residence that Jubilee vice chairman Murathe spilled the beans of the plans to have a government of national unity after the coronavirus pandemic.

Thereafter, Raila held a secret meeting with Gideon Moi at the Karen residence of former cabinet minister Paul Otuoma.

The Kenyatta, Odinga, Moi families deal is to have Raila occupy presidency for one term of five years and the hand over power to Gideon in 2027. Just as was the system agreement that Kibaki was to hand over power to the Kenyattas, the Odingas are the new system’s architects in the national political power deals. Mudavadi has been removed from the equation as the system feel he is still young ambitious presidential potential who would want to serve two terms, thereby miscalculating the political arithmetic of the dynasty covenant.

However, just so as not to look lost in the forest or become prey to Ruto, Mudavadi is being kept busy by accompanying Uhuru and Raila in major functions as he is being duped to think he is a key player in the political power brokering.

The latest developments that Jubilee party has merged with KANU comes as no coincidence, it only confirms all that has been rumored in the past weeks.

And Uhuru completing his term in 2022, or so it is assumed, the emergence of CS Mutahi Kagwe factor in Central Kenya can also not be ignored.

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    Written by Kate Baraza

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