Ingenious singing thieves daze congregants with hymns before midnight robbery operation

Before last weekend’s dramatic and fascinating robbery at The Holy Trinity Church in Africa within Tudor Estate in Mombasa, the closest anybody in Kenya had seen such an operation is on the Hollywood blockbuster, “First Sunday” featuring Ice Cube and Tracy Morgan, where a bunch of criminals integrate with the Church community in order to rob them once they have managed to gain their trust.

The Mombasa thieves did pretty much the same thing, taking advantage of the church people’s hospitality and welcoming nature to accomplish their devious plot.

According to members of the church, the band of thieves first successfully passed themselves off as a group of travelling worshippers who were interested in fellowshipping with members of The Holy Trinity Church in Africa. Since the Church could see no possible reason to turn down such a noble and Godly request, they welcomed them with open arms.

The church members say that for four days, the group, which compromised of several men and a woman, faithfully worshipped and even conducted Keshas (night prayers) tirelessly, in flesh and spirit, or so it seemed.

Unbeknownst to the innocent victims, the group was patiently waiting for the Sunday eve when music equipment and the entire acoustics theater would be brought in.

In hindsight, it is coming out clearly now that the group had prepared well, and covered their bases in advance. During the four nights that they were worshipping, they had developed a routine of banging on the iron sheet walls loudly as the music played, giving the impression of zealous and animated worshippers.

This helped them a lot on the night of the robbery, since neighbours say that they heard loud banging on the iron sheets but ignored it, assuming they were worshiping as they had been doing for the last couple of days.

What was really happening is that they were cutting huge holes in the sheets through which they sneaked the instruments through the back and sides, and disappeared in the nearby shadowy paths[0]=AT0dlhS05Hf-seDi1fziws2J1xZ1uY2hEu66AP5u_P-XtaOK_GiB-ZkGcpM0JXo-WkyFkPnYbdQbaR0POFHm1J-cagz_6bdtK2qfQRtLPm1yeUyB3vGzx0crHXeZP6XGlLZdSZRisDJ0QFky8T-uqoENyFQHjyLwT-X-ZT2zz3YlVhTktl6ViG079XyTIop1DWKm2kns

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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