Incredible scenes as Murathe and Murkomen air dirty linen in public; past corruption scandals revealed

In what is set to go down in history as one of the most memorable, albeit despicable, scenes on live TV, Jubilee vice-chairman David Murathe and Elgeyo Marakwet senator Kipchumba Murkomen tore into each other viciously, with each accusing the other of corruption, and so informed were they of the alleged corrupt deals, that they even knew the exact amounts, and the names of the companies that were used as fronts.

Most disturbing, however, is that, one of the parties even admitted to being a beneficiary of kickbacks during the execution of one of the contracts.

The fiery exchange unfolded on Citizen TV’s NewsNight, a late night political show which was hosted by Waihiga Mwaura.

Although the debate had been a tense one from the very beginning, things spun out of control when the topic got to the issue of the scandal ridden dams that were built in the country.

Kipchumba Murkomen blew the first salvo when he accused Murathe of skimming 10 percent of the total amount of money that the government paid for the construction of Thwake dam.

When Murathe spoke, he shot back with similar accusations, saying that Murkomen and his boss (alluding to Ruto) had pocketed money meant for the construction of the Arror and Kimwarer dams.

Murkomen doubled down on his Thwake dam allegations, this second time dropping even the figure that he believed Murathe benefited with, quoting the colossal amount of two billion.

Murathe didn’t deny this, and in fact, in what came so close to an admission, said that regardless of the amount that had been paid as kickback, work on Thwake dam took place and there were developments on the ground, unlike in the case of Arror and Kimwarer where nothing had taken place yet money had been paid, money which Murathe insinuated wasn’t just the 7 billion that the DP once spoke of. Murathe also implied that he was simply just what he referred to as an agent, like Murkomen had also been an agent in the Arror and Kimwarer dams.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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