Impeached Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi forcefully returns in office

The impeached Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi has returned to the county offices escorted by security officers and his supporters.

On Tuesday, September 7, 2021 the impeached County boss brought Wajir to a standstill as his convoy moved through the town under tight security.

While addressing his supporters who had gathered to witness his return to the office where he promised residents peaceful coexistence within the community and delivering on his campaign promises.

The Governor stated that he will be the county boss until 2022 when his term comes to an end as he addressed residents.

He then proceeded to access the Wajir County government offices where his supporters flocked around him and cheered as he made his way into the office now occupied by Governor Ahmed Ali Muktar.

Abdi stated that the court had granted him orders that stayed his impeachment and he will be serving as the governor although his deputy Muktar was sworn into office.

The deposed governor told the press that he will not fire Muktar and he expects him to perform the duties of a deputy as he was before the impeachment.

“Let us move forward and look into the problems that our people are facing especially in this time where we are facing serious drought and there is a shortage of food,” Abdi stated.

“As politicians let us come together and serve our people. The court has allowed me to work as the Wajir governor and my deputy will work as the deputy until this case is heard and determined,” he added.

Muktar on his part took to his social media page and protested over the deposed governor’s actions claiming that he broke into his office an act he termed as vandalism.

“The former Governor of Wajir County, Mohamed Abdi Mohamud today broke into my office. The penal code on vandalism is very clear on such matters.”

“As I officially lodge a complaint to the National Police Service (NPS) on this act, vandalism on a government office is illegal and amounts to treasonous charges,” Muktar stated.

The current serving Wajir governor stated that his government will not tolerate acts of indecency, illegal take over and irresponsible assembling that compromises the security of our County Headquarters.

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