If Frontline Doctors are Right, why do we have COVID-19 Related Deaths in countries where U.S politics has no Influence?

If COVID-19 cure is working as alleged by the Frontline doctors, why do we have Covid-19 related deaths in other countries where the use of Hydroxychloroquine is not restricted?

Why would it matter if the cure comes from India, China, Russia, Western Europe or Africa? Every country would be glad to be the first one to get a vaccine knowing that it stands to cash in. If large Pharmaceutical companies in the United States have vested interests in this vaccine, then surely, they could not be working together as OPEC, knowing very well that they are competitors.

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The narrative being promoted by right wing leaning publication, Breitbart news, which is connected to Former chief strategist and senior counselor to President Trump, Mr. Steve Bannon is suspect, especially during this political season, at a time when President Trump is lagging behind in polls in the MUST win swing states. Steve Bannon also served on the board of Cambridge Analytica, which was accused of harvesting personal data of Facebook users to use in political advertisement.

While it could be true that probably Hydroxychloroquine helps slow down the Corona Virus as alleged by the doctors, why didn’t they subject their research to peer review using established channels.

If COVID-19 is being used for political reasons in the United States, it shouldn’t be the case in other countries where there is no campaign politics.

If indeed Hydroxychloroquine cures COVID-19 as alleged by the Frontline doctors, then we should expect 100% recovery in countries which are not under the control of FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which controls the use of drugs in the United States Markets.

The availability of a COVID-19 cure would be good news to the entire world. If indeed Hydroxychloroquine cures it, there would be celebrations all over. Many people are yearning for a return to normalcy.

What happens in America, be it politics, Pharmaceutical companies influence in drugs or vaccines research should not hold the world hostage. This should be the opportunity to prove America wrong by other countries stepping up to the plate and showing it how they are right.

African professionals in the west should not be used to do the dirty work of their peers for political reasons and short term gains.

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