IEBC Selection panel closes interviews with the same high drama it started with.

Before Chris Kirubi’s death, he had launched a scathing attack on the youth, complaining about the quality of CVs that he was receiving. Before that, former Budalang’I MP Ababu Namwamba had sensationally claimed that most young jobseekers couldn’t even draft something as simple as a formal letter.


As the process to find replacements for the four IEBC commissioner’s posts came to an end, the country was treated to the most basic and incredible mistakes that wouldn’t be expected from an applicant of such a top position.

The IEBC selection panel led by Dr. Elizabeth Muli may have managed to conduct a successful vetting process, but the process has been filled with pretty dramatic scenes. These began with a candidate who was discovered to have presented forged university papers. It was followed by anglicised candidates who could barely construct a single statement in Kiswahili. The process was eventually concluded by a candidate whose mistakes had countless similarities to those by many youths in the country.


One of the candidates, Timothy Tipila Ole Naeku, who is a lawyer, and official at the Kenya Water Tower, found himself in hot soup after the panel questioned him on the quality of his presentation which was marred by simple spelling errors. The panel found that not less than eight words had been misspelt. Some of the words comprised of simple terms such as commissioner. Naeku’s excuse that it was human error wouldn’t fly in the face of the stern panel which wondered how a lawyer could allow such mistakes to slip through.

Prior to the interviews, the candidates undertook psychometric tests, which were meant to assess their level of emotional intelligence.
Muli did not, however, indicate when her team will be presenting the names of successful nominees to President Uhuru Kenyatta for an appointment.

“As the panel retires to consider the candidates’ performance, we wish to affirm that in the execution of our mandate, we shall remain true to the oath we took at the precincts of the Apex Court of the Land,” Panel chairperson. Once approved by the National Assembly, the successful four candidates will be sworn in before the Chief Justice and will serve for six years.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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