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ICT CS Mucheru slams DP Ruto over wheelbarrow narrative.

ICT cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru has asked Kenyans, especially the youth to reject the wheelbarrow narrative fronted by the Deputy President William Ruto.

Mucheru, who was addressing Isiolo Residents during a visit to the region youth initiative, dismissed DP Ruto’s youth empowerment drive, saying they needed jobs and should support the law change to safeguard the future.

He criticized DP Ruto wheelbarrow narrative saying that Kenya’s youthful population has the power to make a difference and chart the future of the country and should therefore be wary of leaders spearheading such analogue ideologies.

“Do you believe those who tell you that your time will come at some ill-defined time in the distant future. Your time is now and today,” Said Mr Mucheru.

The deputy President has been attempting to lure Kenyans with several initiative mainly targeting the informal sectors as he spreads his ‘hustler’ narrative powered by wheelbarrow, carts, welding machine, sewing machine, water tanks and salon equipments.

But CS Mucheru believes it’s a plan for the Deputy President to make youths remain poor so as they can easily manipulate them for selfish interest, hence, urging youths to make the right decision in the race of succeeding President Uhuru Kenyatta.

His sentiments was echoed by Isiolo Governor Mohammed Kuti who hit out at the DP over his ‘hustler’ movement, saying he only give out peanuts yet his is a wealthy man.

He said the hustler movement was a plan to defraud the poor in the country.

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    Written by Pauline Nabwire

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