Ichungwa pleads with Kenyans, begs to be forgiven for making them vote Jubilee

Kikuyu member of parliament Kimani Ichungwa just did something which absolutely nobody, four years ago, would have predicted he would ever do one day. So fierce was Ichungwa as a defender of the Kenyatta regime, that whenever reports of new body-counts from Kisumu of protesters shot by police was announced, he would casually belittle the issue with cold-hearted abandon. His love for the president was so high that he had a special prefix for Uhuru Kenyatta; The commander in Chief of all the armed and unarmed voters of Kenya.

However, in an astonishing show of how fluid politics in Kenya can be, and just how quickly and drastically things can change, Kimani Ichungwa pleaded with Kenyans to find it in their hearts to forgive him for having taken part in the 2017 presidential campaigns which played a role in convincing them to vote for Uhuru.

Otiende Amollo even once walked out on him over a controversial tweet which he allegedly written, and which he disowned.

Hon. Ichungwa was speaking on Citizen TV’s weekly show Newsnight which was hosted by Waihiga Mwaura. Others alongside Ichungwa on the show were Kwame Owino who is an economist with the Institute of Economic Affairs, and Orange Democratic Movement party Chairman John Mbadi who was joining them virtually.

Ichungwa praised Kibaki for his transformational agenda in terms of the economy, emphasizing on the fact that Kibaki took over a battered economy, ravaged by decades and decades of mismanagement by the KANU regime. At this point, he veered off and mentioned that likewise, if God willing Ruto became president, he would be taking over an economy ruined by Uhuru and his poor policies.

When his host, Waihiga Mwaura, took note that such sentiments were coming from an MP serving as a Jubilee member, Ichungwa immediately adopted a reconciliatory tone.

He stated that he regretted ever having been part of the machinery or process of getting president Uhuru Kenyatta reelected. He then asked for forgiveness from Kenyans, apologising for having been part of the team that went around the country, convincing people to vote for Uhuru Kenyatta.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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