How Odinga beat Ruto in their 7 year ruthless political duel

After Jubilee took power in 2013, Deputy President William Ruto took it upon himself to engage ODM leader Raila Odinga in a vicious political war. Ruto, a former strong Raila Odinga ally had all his political arsenal trained at the ODM leader. He was considering him a potential threat in 2022.

It was seen as settling political scores following his sacking from government by the then Coalition Government of Kibaki and Raila. Ruto’s diatribe against Odinga has set the country’s political agenda for the last 7 years. Unknown to the DP, Odinga was strategically plotting his moves. Like the seasoned soldier he is, he made the most unpredictable strike which has rendered the DP a nobody.

Giving Raila names such as mchawi, mganga, mtu wa vitendawili and most recently political conman, Ruto’s aggression towards the former premier shocked many. Others thought it was just his personal nature to hold personal grudge and bitterness.

In his plot, Raila Odinga has managed to finally win the years of political war from the DP. He struck Ruto where it hurts the most when he (Odinga) decided to bury the hatchet and work with President Kenyatta.

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