How Kenyan Duped Tanzanian Government To Land Presidential Escort Job

Details have emerged of how a Kenyan citizen beat the Tanzanian authorities into landing a lucrative government job during the tenure of the late first President Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere.

Speaking during an interview with the Nation, Mzee Baranaba Mutai noted that he served in the Presidential escort unit of the late former head of state as a chauffeur.

To conceal his identity, the old man noted that he had to change his name to comply with then very stringent rules for immigrants like him in the neighboring Tanzanian to secure the job, changing his then name to Tambuki Baranaba Mutai.

“I had to change my name so that I could work in Tanzania. I changed my name to Tambuki Baranaba Mutai to conceal my Kenyan identity so that work in Tanzania,” he stated.

Mzee Baranaba also revealed working as a government truck driver for a period of three years before landing his job in the Presidential escort unit.

After his many years of experience as a government truck driver, he got promoted into the Presidential Escort Unit through the hands of the late Nyerere orchestrating his promotion.

“I started working as a government truck driver for three years. After that I got another job but still as a truck driver for non-governmental organization before President Nyerere took me in in his Presidential Escort Unit, where I chauffeured security personnel,” Mutai noted.

He noted that his sheer handwork led to very close working relationship with the late founding father of Tanzania.

Mutai also praised the deceased as a servant leader and a man of the people who appreciated those who portrayed zeal and commitment in the Couse of dispensing their duties.

“Nyerere really loved workers, I used to work hard and he loved me for that, he was such a decent man,” Mutai added.

He recalled an instance when the then head of state bailed him out when his trucks were impounded by the Tanzanian authorities, a thing that really strengthened their relationship.

“Nyerere personally helped me when my trucks were held in Tanzania until they were released. This strengthened our friendship even further, that I could even visit him at his home.”

He however resigned from his job, and left the country due to continued discriminations of the Tanzanians on foreigners, compelling the government to give him a passport to come back to his motherland.

To quicken the passport move, Mutai again sought the intervention of the late Mzee Nyerere, noting that some of his properties were not released to him by the authorities though.

“Although Nyerere was a good one, his powerful close associates were not. In 1991, they ordered us to return to Kenya. I applied for resignation from the Tanzanian job. They wanted to grab my assets. They gave as the permits to depart the country.”

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    Written by Emily Odeny

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