How DP Ruto’s intelligence team was caught off-guard and flat-footed for the first time

Although the so called Hustlers Movement, which sometimes also goes by the moniker tanga tanga, may have more than its fair share of admirers as well as critics, one thing that they all agree on is that the group has a lethal intelligence unit. Whether you hate them or love them, it has become a matter of fact that anytime the government wants to make a move, the outfit gets wind of such plans and embarrassingly exposes them on social media. However, yesterday, for the first time, operatives such as Itumbi and other senior members of the team could be seen scampering all over the place in an attempt at damage control after the bombshell release of the president’s meeting with editors at State House which was totally unexpected.

Earlier in the day, ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru threw a surprise barb at the deputy president in what was regarded a sporadic salvo. However, despite this, there wasn’t any concerted effort to try and subdue the youthful CS. What was witnessed was some restricted efforts here and there by the DP’s digital strategist Dennis Itumbi to try and ridicule Joe Mucheru.
What the DP’s team didn’t know is that even as all this was going on, it was a scripted and arranged precursor to the president’s eventual scathing and strong statements which were released later on in the day.

Even as the Deputy President William Ruto earlier on declined to respond to CS Joe Mucheru’s criticisms, he was clearly unaware that the CS was simply preparing the way for a stronger and more substantial statement.

This realisation only came to the tanga tanga leaders much later, when they found themselves thrown in a flurry of activity, struggling to contain the effect of the president’s bashful interview with their own responses.

Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen who’s a leading member of the group, and who plunged into a tweeting frenzy, posting ten tweets between 9:30 to 10:30, admitted to this in one of his many tweets. He wrote,

If you see Uhuru’s interview&Mucheru’s speech you know very well that it’s not Mucheru’s speech. It’s the same source. It is Written by the same “professor”using the same diction used of late in national celebrations.The outgoing is courting attention but we are NOT INTERESTED

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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