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How CIA busted Echesa fake arms deal to be used in coup plot and illegal security surveillance
Former Sports minister Rashid Echesa is seen in this photo inspecting military euipment in Poland

While EX-Sport CS Rashid Echesa and his three co-accused are facing charges including conspiracy to commit a felony, obtaining money by false pretenses and impersonating a public service officer, little is being said how this highly kept secret operation was flagged.

Official documents at the court indicate this was a normal case of extortion and money laundering like “many others”,but in reality, these military equipment were already a shipment away to the wrong hands of organized criminals.

This was confirmed by a Kenyan pilot who was arrested in connection to the fake arms deal. The pilot, Mohammed Subow Ali who was arrested on March 14, 2020 told detectives that he was unknowingly “only” asked to accompany Echesa to inspect military equipment due to his expertise knowledge of planes and drones, which he did after they allegedly showed him official government documentation and diplomatic certificates to prove the deal was real.

According to classified sources, Kenya was to be used as a conduit in smuggling of the highly sophisticated equipment in a deal that would have seen their Kenyan high ranking contact retaining some of the equipment for his “personal use.”

The deal was signed and sealed and part of the moneys already wired. However, a combined high level intelligence operation between CIA and Kenyan authorities pulled a fast one on them and laid a trap.

Unknown to Echesa, his servants and masters, they had been on the radar of Kenyan and US authorities for several months prior to their arrest.

According to documents recovered in Rashid Echesa’s car, the military equipment was found to be the latest high-tech digital technology with an advanced surveillance system capable of running facial and voice recognition.

With these sophisticated weapons in civilian hands, A coup-de-tat would be a piece of cake to them as they can remotely access all government security servers and run a parallen surveillance system.

The United States of America’s CIA agents working closely with Kenyan authorities flagged the operation and found that the fake military communication and security surveillance equipment were to be used by illegal militia groupings planning to execute a coup d’état in one of the regional countries.

The explosive fake arms deal was so sophisticated that it claimed the innocent life of key witness and a police officer attached to the office of the deputy president William Ruto in the name of Segearnt Kipyegon Kenei.

Following his death, the Kenyan National Intelligence Service and DCI detectives conducted extensive searches in the homes of Echesa, his co-accused and the Office of the Deputy President while examining evidence of a possibility that Echesa was used by persons not before the court to procure such classified military surveillance system that must only be handled by the government forces.

Investigators and a dedicated team of Intelligence officers from USA and European Union are keenly following the cases as they believe Rashid Echesa may be a small fish in the dreaded international network of criminal and cartels dealing in extortion, money laundering and fake weapon smuggling.

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    Written by Kate Baraza




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