Horrifying scenes; Man killed after his mob storms village at 2 in the night to take back ex-wife

Grief, and a sense of panic has gripped Nyawa village in Elgeyo Marakwet after a group of villagers descended on a band of incoming men, killing one of them.

The men are said to come from a nearby village called Kaptum, which has even added to the mood of panic, as the locals are now wary of reprisals.

The man, who is from Kaptum, had been experiencing marital problems with his wife who, then walked out on him and went back to her home village in Nyawa. The husband, however, seemingly on a mission to take the woman back to his home, carried out a mission at 2 AM, and landed in his in-laws home at that ungodly hour.

Confirming that the incident did indeed take place, the Keiyo North Deputy County Commissioner, Julius Maiyo, also confirmed that the man was accompanied by a group of men who unfortunately also got caught up in the melee and sustained serious injuries.

“He had separated with his wife some days ago. The wife went back to her parents in Nyawa. When the man and his team arrived at the in-law’s home, an alarm was raised and angry villagers came in and attacked them,” Mr Maiyo said.

The deceased was pronounced dead on arrival at Iten County Referral Hospital.

Maiyo went on to further say that in fact, one of the men who had accompanied the deceased was injured so badly that not only was he in hospital, but actually, in critical condition and undergoing intensive medical care and treatment at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret.

Police have so far been able to take into custody four suspects in connection with the attack and are continuing with investigations so as to track down six villagers suspected to be behind the lynching, and who have gone missing.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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