Hon. Moses Kuria Issues Warning About Potential Postponement of 2022 General Elections.

The talk about the possible postponement of the 2022 general elections has been making social media rounds in the last couple of weeks. For many, such talks are usually meant for intelligence gathering either to prepare the public or see their reaction on the issue.

Proponents of the proposal believe that President Uhuru Kenyatta should postpone the 2022 general elections in order to help the economy recover from the effects of the Corona Virus. Perhaps the strongest advocate to date was an opinion analysis by Prof.Manyora during his weekly shows on his YouTube channel that goes by the same name.

In his presentation, Prof. Manyora sounded and looked more like a state agent sent to deliver a message or shape public opinion regarding the postponement of the election. He was quickly reminded that the United States just went through an election in the midst of the covid pandemic. Our neighbors Uganda and Tanzania did the same thing. Manyora was reminded that the very reason elections are held, is to remove incompetent leaders and replace them with those who can right their wrongs. Given that President Uhuru’s term is ending in 2022, any reason to extend his rule is against the constitution. Further, his tenure in office has been one of the worst in recent history, more so, during the COVID-19 pandemic when billions of foreign Aid were stolen in dubious corruption scandals pitying members of his family.

In response to the talk making rounds. Hon. Moses Kuria was very blunt about how he feels on the topic. Posting on his Facebook page, Hon. Kuria said,

“I have heard enough doubters from Kieleweke & Handshake say that the 2022 general elections could be postponed because of Covid-19. Let me advise you. If you try this there will be no demons in hell. They will all be in Kenya. It shall rain fire, brimstone, lava, and sulphuric acid. We don’t care whether it shall be Covid-22, Bubonic Plague, Malaria, HIV-AIDS, Gonorrhea, syphilis, smallpox, chickenpox, Ebola, SARS, Alcoholism, or whatever. Just #FinishAndGo”

His post received mixed reactions from Kenyans of all backgrounds; with many agreeing with him while some rebuking him as someone who wants to cause war in Kenya.

Responding to his post, Stephen Omulama said,

” This country will never ? again. I nullify all those words you have put up there. The election will never again be a matter of life and death. Stop spreading rumors and lies. If you really mean well, you should be in the street protesting the recent fuel prices… You don’t have to wait until 2022”.

As for Silas Chesire Reri, his takes were as below.

“True reading of the minds of Kenyan people. Moses Kuria which is called critical psychology, yes one of reading the emotions, feelings, and frustrations of people. That’s the true position of 89% of Kenyans. We have just elevated you; you are now the chief/overall MP representing all 290 constituencies”.

There is no logical explanation the government can give to the extent of the 2022 general elections. Kenyans are tired and want change in leadership. Any further delay in 2022 can potentially cause civil unrest by Kenyans who want the current administration God. The government should read the mood of Kenyan around the country.

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