Hilarious twist in Kimwarer case; David Kimosop likely to walk free for funniest of reasons

The high level at which corruption unfolds in Kenya has been laid bare following the Auditor General’s release concerning the Kimwarer dam scandal case. In a turn of events that is amusing as it is sad, it is now emerging that David Kimosop may have been innocent all along, and not because no corruption took place, but for even worse reasons.

Following the Auditor General’s finding, David Kimosop, the former boss of the Kerio Valley Development Authority KVDA may not only have been relieved off his duties unfairly, but also dragged to court erroneously.

It has now emerged that the Regional and Northern Corridor Development Department never even transferred the 3.7 Billion in contention to the Kerio Valley Development Authority in the first place. The Auditor General says that the funds were, as a matter of fact, siphoned off to personal accounts even before they could reach KVDA.

This basically means that Kimosop had nothing to steal, to begin with.

State department records indicated the money was disbursed to KVDA, the state agency that was to pay for and implement the project.

However, a review of KVDA accounts showed the authority did not receive any money from the state department.

Auditor General Nancy Gathungu queried the “disappearance” of the funds.

Her comments are contained in the report for the year ending June 2020, which was tabled in Parliament on May 13.

The findings may give credence to the concerns the monies could have been deposited in private individuals’ accounts.

The queried amounts totalling Sh8.1 billion were part of transfers by the government department to eight other entities.

Also part of the eight was a transfer to Ewaso Nyiro North River Development Authority, which received Sh1.4 million less than what the state department said it disbursed.

Gathungu said a review of the matter in financial year 2019-20 revealed officials involved were yet to reconcile the accounts – two years later.

“In the circumstances, the accuracy and completeness of the grants and transfers for the year ending June 2019 could not be confirmed,” the auditor said.

Gathungu further revealed the monies, borrowed from an Italian bank, Intesa Sanpaolo, were used to make irregular advance payments to the contractor in July 2018.

Gathungu said the matter remains unresolved, citing the investigations and prosecution pursued by authorities.

About Sh3.5 billion was paid out in advance for Kimwarer, while another Sh4.5 billion was paid out for the Arror Dam project later in September.

Neither has been built.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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