Herman Manyora Claims Waiguru Could Be A Spy Sent By Deep State To Reveal Ruto’s Secrets From Within UDA

It’s very possible that Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru is not in the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party because of her love for the party, political analyst Herman Manyora has opined.

Waiguru officially joined the outfit on Tuesday, saying that she is surrendering to pressure from her constituents and adding that her county is now dancing to the Deputy President William Ruto tune.

But Manyora argues that this could be just another of the strategies being put in place to defeat Ruto next year, suggesting that the governor could have been sent there by the Deep State to spy on the DP.

He says that if this is not the case and the governor joined UDA sincerely then she is just doing it out of inexperience as she didn’t take her time to study the political arena before moving and could regret it.

“Waiguru is new in the game. A seasoned politician would have taken more time to study the game – this is one way to look at it. The other way to look at it is that these deep state guys could be planting people in UDA…. don’t play with these guys,” he said in an interview on Citizen TV on Wednesday.

But Waiguru has held that she is just doing what is right, after realizing that she will not be able to defend her seat on the Jubilee Party ticket.

She has said that even her family members have since decamped to UDA, forcing her to follow suit, with her decision to cross over coming weeks after she announced that she is studying the ground.

Manyora’s remarks come amid reports that the Deep State is doing all it can to prevent a Ruto presidency next year, after settling on ODM boss Raila Odinga as the best man to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta.

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