Heavily-armed police officer accused of hunting down lover over Ksh 900K speaks after dramatic arrest

File image of police on patrol
File image of police on patrol

A heavily armed prison warder accused of plotting to kill his girlfriend and hunting her down has spoken for the first time.

Edwin Omuse who is based at Kengata Prison was alleged to be on a mission to track down his lover for allegedly conning him Ksh900,000 before he came out to explain what transpired.

Omuse who was speaking with TV 47lifted the lid on what transpired, refuting claims that he was going to kill his lover after he was reported to have taken a loaded G3 rifle and headed to Thika to kill his lover of four years.

He explained that he had no intention of committing the crime and if he had such intentions, he would have known the wherebouts of the lady in question.

“If I wanted to kill her, I would because I knew exactly where she was,” Omuse explained as he shared more details.

He further dismissed claims that his lover had defrauded him of money and put the rumours to rest.

The officer attracted controversy and raised suspicion after a member of the public with good intentions raised the alarm after spotting him at the Kangeta trading center in possession of a rifle hidden in a sack phoned his colleague Caroline Wamboi to report the matter.

He explained that at the time he was spotted by the whistle blower, he had only stepped out of his station while on duty and was late in returning the gun with the whistleblower raising a false alarm.

“By the time I was leaving the Kangeta Station, my shift was not over and I could not return the gun before time hence I had to travel with it,” he stated.

Officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on Wednesday, August 26 moved in swiftly and arrested him, terming him as armed and dangerous.

The officers thereafter tracked down his girlfriend and moved her to safety and waited for his move when they would have pounced on him.

The officer who is currently in lawful police custody at Thika Police Station expressed hope that justice will prevail and he will be a free man soon.

File image of a police vehicle at a scene of crime
File image of a police vehicle at a scene of crime

The incident came at a time when concerns on the mental health of the law enforcers is on sharp focus barely days after a police officer identified as constable Benard Sivo went berserk, storming a hospital where his girlfriend had been admitted and shot him dead.

He thereafter went on a shooting spree and took his own life before police officers who responded to the situation could disarm him.

Constable Sivo’s wife Joyce Ndunge, said she begged his husband to surrender his AK-47 rifle not to harm himself or any of his colleagues.

She also shared that shortly after committing the crime and before he took his own life, Sivo called her immediately and stated that had finally eliminated the home breaker who was wrecking havoc in their blossoming marriage.

She also narrated a near death experience with the deceased husband after a mistaken identity when the husband shot in her direction thinking she was one of the colleagues but missed him.

“When he picked our daughter from the house, I came out of my hiding and run towards him, he shot at me thinking I was an officer but missed. After identifying myself, I walked up to him and clutched onto his leg, I begged him to put the gun down, he told me that he will not shoot at me because he needed me to take care of his children,” said Ndunge.

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