Heated Exchange Between Ex Ford Kenya SG Maj. (Rtd) Hon. Dr. Eseli Simiyu and the National Youth League President Chekai Musa.

Wafula Kunusia

There have been rumors of possible reconciliation plans between Bungoma Senator, Hon. Moses Wetangula and Kanduyi MP. Hon Wafula Wamunyinyi camp whose attempt to topple Wetangula from the leadership role flopped in May 2020.

 On the 27th of April 2021, Hon. Richard Onyonka, MP, Kitutu Chache, who also doubles up as the Ford Kenya Deputy Party leader, paid a courtesy call to Bungoma county Governor, H.E. Wycliffe Wangamati during which the Bungoma governor indicated that he was ready to mediate the row between the roaring factions.

It appears that reconciliation talks may not be possible soon, going by the bitter exchange of words between the Tongareni MP, Maj. (Rtd) Hon. Dr Eseli Simiyu and the Party’s National Youth League President Chekai Musa, alias Kanali Mstaafu on social media.

Chekai Musa had made a post on a WhatsApp group they share, in which he referred to Ford Kenya Party Leader, Senator Moses Wetangula as Baba wa Roma (the Pope of Rome). Hon Eseli Simiyu dismissed Chekai saying that there is only one Pope and is in Rome!

The back-and-forth exchange continued way past midnight. Dr. Eseli referred to Chekai as a stooge of the former Party Leader Senator Moses Wetangula and warned him to prepare for a serious battle ahead. Several members of the platform who are allied to Eseli Simiyu joined in and started insulting Chekai Musa! From the screenshot of the conversation, it appears like the majority membership of the WhatsApp group is allied to Eseli Simiyu and Wamunyinyi faction!

Reached out on the phone Chekai Musa said…”Hon Eseli Simiyu has always been a friend of mine and I was shocked that he organized a coup against his friend, Senator Moses Wetangula. That was unfortunate! I hope that Hon.Eseli Simiyu will one day come back to his senses and realize that whatever he did is wrong”.

The drama that has become the Ford Kenya party politics continues to be a source of constant entertainment, especially for those who follow Bungoma politics.

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