Heartbreak in Bahati estate as five year old girl electrocuted by low-hanging wires

Miriam Nyaboke, at only five years old, was starting out life. However, her tender and innocent life was horrifically and tragically ended when she was struck to death by low hanging electricity wires. The gentle soul had been playing with her friends in the Nairobi estate of Bahati, oblivious of the danger that was swinging just inches above them.


According to accounts from neighbours and eyewitnesses, the wires, although electric wires, do not belong to Kenya Power. As a matter of fact, they were wires which were being used for illegal electricity connections by unscrupulous and unregistered operators. However, these witnesses still hold Kenya Power responsible for the death of little Mariam. This is because, when the Kenya Power officials came to disconnect the illegal connections, they left the dangerous live wires hanging precariously behind.


One of the neighbours said that Miriam Nyaboke’s dad, Mr. Daniel Ombaka, had even actually tried warning the Kenya Power personnel that the condition in which they had left behind the wires was dangerous and could lead to a tragic incident. Little did the now bereaved Daniel Ombaka know that his ominous warning was portentously closer to home than he had even imagined.


Speaking to the media, the heartbroken Ombaka struggled to narrate the state in which he found his daughter after learning of the fate that had befallen her.


Residents of Bahati estate who were indignant and seething with anger demanded an explanation as to why, if indeed the connections really were illegal and weren’t allowed at all, then Bahati residents were still able to acquire tokens from the very same Kenya Power before the disconnections occurred. They demanded that Kenya Power take a more deliberate and firm stand on the issue of illegal connections.


For a while now, dangerously low hanging wires, mostly remnants of disconnected illegal connections have led to such tragedies, and baby Miriam’s death is only just the latest.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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