Heappey; I came to Kenya ready to lock my troops in the camp but locals begged me not to

The United Kingdom Minister for the Armed Forces in the Ministry of Defence Stephens Heappey who is in the country in connection with the murder of Agnes Wanjiru has made some potentially controversial claims. In a revelation that is likely to sound offensive and patronising, the UK Minister who is a former soldier and previously served in Kenya before getting into politics said that locals in Nanyuki pleaded with him to rescind a cabinet resolution they had earlier settled on.

Mr. Heappey was briefing the press on the progress he has made so far since landing in the country. While responding to a question about what he had to say concerning intentions expressed by the Kenyan parliament to expel British troops in the country, the British cabinet member was quite forthcoming.

Acknowledging the sovereignty of Kenya and her parliament, he asserted that the views expressed by the parliamentarians were quite opposite to what he had heard on the ground. He claimed that following the surfacing of the Agnes Wanjiru story, he and his colleagues had held discussions and considered the possibility of locking the British troops in the country within their training camp. This was so as to prevent them from getting in trouble with the local authorities through interaction. However, Heappey said that when he met the locals in Nanyuki, they were of a different view.

Considering the financial benefits that they gain from their exchanges and interaction with the British Royal Marines, they asked Heappey not to proceed with the plan. Heappey revealed that even the head of the chamber of commerce, Laikipia Chapter, also requested him not to lock in his soldiers and cut off links between them and the local community.

Wanjiru, 21, was last seen walking into a hotel room at Lions Court in Nanyuki with two British soldiers on March 31, 2012. Her body was found two months later in a septic tank next to the room. She left a five-month-old daughter. 

In an investigation between October 8, 2018 and the 5th Wanjiru was determined to have been killed by British soldiers.

The results of the investigation were copied to the DPP and the AG to facilitate the arrest and prosecution of the murder suspects.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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