Growing concerns over Raila-Ruto unity causing panic at State House

Deputy President William Ruto and HE Raila Odinga on November 12th 2020 at the Kasarani Stadium. / FILE

As 2022 succession politics begin to shape up, factions have emerged inside State House and are fighting each other over President Uhuru’s successor and the BBI referendum. A source confided to Kenyan Report that one of the camps is unhappy with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s decision to engage both his Deputy William Ruto and HE Raila Odinga concurrently on national issues, especially the BBI.

This group was comfortable with how things were, where the two, Raila and Ruto, were on opposing sides and at war, and had anticipated this to continue even with the referendum and into 2022. At the same time, there is a camp that believes the president’s decision to engage DP Ruto on the BBI issue is a wider scheme by insiders who are pro-Uhuru.

There are claims this group is keen to keep Raila-Ruto political feud escalating, so as to prevent the two from ever teaming up to beat President Uhuru.

The intelligence community reported to State House a meeting between Raila and Ruto on November 12th, after the Harambee Stars and Comoros match at the Kasarani Stadium, where the two leaders were present.

According to them, the unity of Raila Odinga and William Ruto is not only detrimental to Kikuyu billionaires but is something that will completely throw Mt Kenya off the country’s national scene for years.

The team against President Uhuru Kenyatta engaging William Ruto believes the President is being set up, and that tactic of playing both Raila and Ruto might backfire on his face.

One of the people who are adversely mentioned to have been a casualty of the ongoing tussle at State House is President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Private Secretary Jomo Gechaga.

Gecaga, who is both pro-Ruto and Pro-Sonko is said to have fallen out with his boss and off late does not accompany the Head of State on assignments here at home or abroad, unlike previously.

There are talks Water CS Cecily Kariuki could be moved to State House to be a member of President Uhuru’s State House staff.

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