Governor’s father, and head of Wangamati empire dynasty takes on Ruto, hints at comeback to politics

In most cases, it is usually the guests and political leaders who turn a decent burial ceremony into a political rally. However, in the case of Mzee Patrick Wangamati, former MP and also patriarch of the Wangamati clan, it was the other way around.

Over the weekend, Hon. Patrick Wangamati made people remember his heydays in politics when he was still a youthful vibrant opposition legislator, after he presided over a funeral service loaded with political undertones.

Wangamati appeared to make a comeback to politics, thrusting himself squarely in the Dynasties versus Hustlers clash. The old man did so with a bang, taking on the deputy president in a stinging address that could easily have passed for a political rally, and not a funeral.

In the slot in which it was expected that Hon. Patrick Wangamati would eulogise his wife, Mama Selina Nasike Wangamati, the former MP instead began talking about the BBI report, praising it and terming it as the solution to Kenyans’ problems. Veering off the benefits of the document, he began lambasting those opposed to the BBI, tearing into the Deputy President, and also throwing thinly veiled barbs at Didmus Barasa, the Kimilili member of parliament, who had spoken previously.

In what then sounded like an intention for a comeback to political activity, perhaps at a coordination or mobilisation level, Hon. Patrick Wangamati, while addressing the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga who was also in attendance, requested him to tell the president that he was still strong enough and able to play a role in the current BBI push, despite his age.

Born into one of the most prominent families in Sirisia, the late Selina was born in 1939 to the late major Melehizedek Wekesa and major Truphena Nabifwo of Ndakaru, Sirisia sub-county.

She attended Kinindoi Primary School for her Common Entrance Exam and Kolanya Primary school for Intermediate examinations.

In 1958, she then proceeded to Kisumu Medical Training College for a two-year nursing course. She was first posted to Webuye Hospital where she served as a nurse for a while before returning to college where she specialised in and nutrition and dietetics.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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