Governor Ngilu attacks DP Ruto with vicious remarks: “His language is handouts and keeping people perpetually poor”

Kitui governor Charity Ngilu has accused Deputy President William Ruto of perpetuating politics of poverty in the country using his hustler narrative.

According to Ngilu, Ruto does not understand the language of helping people to get out of poverty as he has been claiming.

“I don’t think William Ruto understands the language of helping people to get out of poverty. His language is handouts and keeping people perpetually poor,” Ngilu said.

Ngilu opined that the methods used by the DP will never help the ordinary citizen; rather, it will leave them in perennial poverty.

Recently, the governor was on Ruto’s neck, accusing him of abandoning President Uhuru Kenyatta to run the country alone, yet they were elected together.

She alleged that Ruto had put in front his political ambitions and forgot forget his role as the DP.

The former presidential candidate challenged the DP to table his development record and showcase what he has achieved as the deputy president.

Ngilu reiterated that Ruto needs to align his priorities with those of his boss to avoid thwarting the agenda of the very government he serves in.

“DP William Ruto cannot help our country, let him first show us what he has done for the past nine years of being the DP, let him show us even one factory that he has established for all those years.

Ruto needs to refocus and help President Uhuru deliver the promises they both made to Kenyans. His engagement in 2022 sideshows with his lieutenants within government only serves to derail government programs,” Ngilu added.

The county boss further accused him of politicking for nine straight years and in the process, frustrating Uhuru’s development agenda.

Ngilu depicted Ruto as a highly disrespectful leader who allowed raw political ambitions to get the better of him at the country’s expense and its 50 million citizens.

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    Written by Kennedy Omondi




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