Governor Nderitu Muriithi issues Uhuru frightening ultimatum

The ongoing chaos in Laikipia is edging closer and closer to the brink of precipice and devastating ethnic clashes, in light of the latest startling remark by the County governor, Nderitu Muriithi.
President Uhuru Kenyatta, who himself came to power under the weight of International Criminal Court charges of arming a tribal gang, has been thrust into a more complicated position after Nderitu Muriithi called upon him with a compounding ultimatum.

Speaking yesterday after a raid that was carried out by militia from the county, the governor, who is also an ally of the president, demanded, saying that it’s high time the government either came to their protection, and if not, then help them in their efforts to protect themselves from the bandits.
Worth noting is that since the unrest broke out some time back, it conspicuously took an ethnic angle, with locals of the Kisii Ndogo settlement feeling the brunt of the attacks. From there onwards, it has spilled over, with other communities considered outsiders suffering too.

The abduction of two wanted men allegedly by police led to the abduction of two businessmen from the Ol Moran area. They were kidnapped at a market in Churo in Baringo.
Unidentified people have been sending messages to the families, demanding release of the wanted men in exchange for the two businessmen.

The recent-flare up has led to the murder of at least two people in Ol Moran area.
A Class 8 pupil suffered gunshot wounds when her Mirango home was attacked and sprayed with bullets on Friday.

Thousands of animals have been stolen.

Local leaders have urged authorities to immediately carry out a law enforcement operation and protect residents from rampant violence.

Laikipia North MP Sarah Lekorere and MCAs George Karuiru (Ol Moran) and Jacob Edung have also accused the government of laxity.

Lekorere accused government security agencies of ignoring intelligence reports of impending reports given to them by residents and leaders.

Ol Moran is one of the seven Laikipia areas and ranches identified by the government last month as dangerous and unsafe.

They include the vast Laikipia Nature Conservancy, which is owned by conservationist Kuki Gullman in Laikipia West; government-owned ranches; ADC Mutara ranch in Laikipia West and the 80,000-acre Kirimon farm in Laikipia North.

Others are Mugie ranch, Loisaba and Kirimon Nature National Reserve, all in Laikipia North.

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