Governor Mutua’s tweet erupts into a battlefield, with DJ Joe Mfalme part of the action

When the Machakos governor Alfred Mutua posted a tweet this week about the State of his county in relation to the raving Corona virus that has erupted into a third wave, he didn’t know the furore it would descend into, or perhaps he did know, considering he was the one who opened the floodgates after he attacked one of his followers who had said he wished Corona killed politicians.

Alfred Mutua shot back at him, insinuating that he would probably be the first one to contract the disease.

Dr Mutua’s tweet which ended up providing space for a Twitter war, said,

NIKUBAYA; All our Machakos level 5 hospitals 15 ICU beds and additional 12 HDU beds (total 27) full with SEVERE covid patients. All Machakos 42 ICU/HDU beds with oxygen points also full. People are waiting for others to die to get to get a bed. MASK, avoid BARS, be WISE, HAKUNA VITANDA.”

Soon after he wrote this, one of his followers by the names Sammy Lebo wrote that he wished Corona started with the politicians and cleared them first.

To people’s shock, the first person to swiftly respond to Sammy Lebo was the governor, writing,

“Be careful what ill will you wish others. God may just start with you as an example”

Soon after this small but interesting scuffle, another user going by the names Simba Hasheem wrote a scathing reproach of the governor.

Why are you whining when you spent billions on irrelevant projects? You invested 2 billion in putting up Machakos Recreation park; in 2015 you spent 1.2bn to organise Masaku 7 rugby. You paid Dj Joe Mfalme, Rabbit etc 6.5M to kept revelers on their feet through out the night.”

The tweet would get even more interesting when seconds later, none other than DJ Joe Mfalme himself replied, wondering why he was being castigated.

Sasa what have I done wrong…si I provided for a service and paid for it ama?[0]=AT2JR7g3WOq4yFlq45J-DBeJvvyQBFK90uZx1e0-ZKyUkaA36np87ozps47ccfv_bnnbvHJEt9t84FSWeBYEBPYZpSBKL70l5oVigS5VNki6MKiC1G2bYArVQHf-pPxTxA7Ao3TAYKhtDtCYLIfeNR2V4YCrfoEzrViBPJtWWqMSk4Q

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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