Governor Anne Waiguru set to be evicted over Sh. 40Million rent arrears

Embattled Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru is facing eviction from her Nairobi’s Kitisuru home following a piled rent arrears amounting to Millions.

The Governor is to be ejected from her Sh 80 Million house with her current landlord claiming the County chief owes a Sh 44 Million rent arrears for the past five years.

Waiguru claims that she purchased the property from the developers, and settled a portion of it amounting to 40 Million, and arranged for the balance of 40 Million to be recovered through a local bank on a mortgage basis.

She added that the developers Kihingo village Limited was aware of the purchase and even allowed her to move in even before sealing the deal.

“Our client is not aware of any sale transaction with your client. If you have a copy of the same, please forward it to us,” Kihingo Village attorneys responded.

Kihingo Village Ltd. Has however now insisted that the Governor is a tenant and has not paid the house rent for the past five years. They are further calling for the governor’s properties to be seized by auctioneers to cover the accrued rent.

Kihingo Village Ltd is a joint owned developing company of the former Tetu Member of Parliament James Ndung’u and his brother Gitahi Gethenji.

Her lawyers have however accused the company of frustrating the settlement arrangement by the bank by failing to deliver relevant documents.

A court order from Justice Elijah Ogada had temporarily halted the eviction order, and advised for amicable out of court resolve, while the governor had asked for a permanent order to halt the evictions.

Her legal team felt the Courts were giving the company express authority to evict her from the house adding that this would taint her name.

“Noting her status as the Governor of Kirinyaga County, such an unlawful and unwarranted action of evicting her will no doubt cast aspersion as to her reputation,” Waweru Gatonye, her lawyer stated. 

Kihingo Village Ltd has been battling the control of the estate for years, with the High court Judge Justice David Majanja recently on November 10, declaring them not fit to unilaterally administer the estate nor having authority over the managing firm.

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    Written by Fred Orido

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