Governor Alfred Mutua reveal details of how former senator Muthama blocked Sh2.1 Trillion investment in Machakos County

Machakos County Governor Alfred Mutua is yet again at it rekindling his dream of building a modern city in his County while not forgetting how a previous one was blocked by county leaders and other agencies.

Speaking during an interview earlier today, the County head revealed how he got an investment of 2.1 Trillion in his County but was later blocked through the Court.

The former government spokesman stated that the deal was blocked by his former Senator Johnstone Muthama after he challenged the plans to allocate the land for the project in court.

Mutua continued that the investors were slapped with a six-year injunction period, which drove them away as its expiry found when they had invested elsewhere abandoning the original plan.

Governor added that, by the time the injunction was lifted, the investors had already invested in other countries among others Rwanda, Uganda, Angola.

Mutua argued that had the investment been allowed, Kenya would be far ahead in medicare advancement to the extent of manufacturing its own antiretroviral (ARVs).

“In 2013, I had investors coming in with Sh2.1 Trillion to start a new city, hospitals and provide over half a million jobs what happened is the National Land Commission (NLC) and Senator Muthama went to court and we got an injunction for 6 years so we couldn’t move to allocate land.

“Those investors got tired of waiting…We are suffering today as a country because we would have had superb hospitals,” Mutua said in part.

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    Written by Fred Orido




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