Government Will Not Import Maize From Mexico This Year

Cabinet Secretary Kiunjuri has been on the spotlight the last few days and today while appearing before the National Assembly’s Agriculture committee, he made a turn around and said, importing maize from mexico was not going to happen anyway!

According to the CS, the government has a mechanism to cushion farmers however, inflows are not enough, hence the need to source for maize from Comesa region. Kinjuri said the government will instead look to Ethiopia and Comesa countries for maize to help cushion Kenyans against high prices of unga. Which brings us to why some Mps blew the whistle over monies secretly and irregularly withdrawn from Strategic Food Reserve Trust Fund at the CBK to another company.

Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter who appeared as a friend of the committee revealed that he has information that the Ministry of Agriculture has withdrawn Sh1.8billion from the Strategic Food Reserve and paid an importer who has already imported 40,000.

Committee member Emmanuel Wangwe, says the ship with the 40,000 bags arrived at the Port of Mombasa on May 28 waiting for the government to open up the window for importation fueling leaders from different quarters to ask the DCI George Kinoti and EACC investigate the possible loss of cash.

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    Written by Albert

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