Government now accuses foreign powers; UK linked to the ongoing clashes in Laikipia

The ongoing insecurity crisis in Laikipia County has taken a new twist after the government made a direct connection between the unrest, and a European power. This is in contrast to the previous claims that had always blamed the crisis on incitement by local area politicians, and by extension, foreign but regional militia from Ethiopia and South Sudan.

Speaking yesterday during a security inspection tour of the area, Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya admitted that while the government only has AK47 and G3 models, the bandits, on the other hand, are in possession of the much more sophisticated and lethal M16. Some of the qualities that the gun carries, and which makes it a deadly killing machine is that it can shoot over a range of 3.5 Kilometers. Even more disturbing is that it can release 60 rounds of ammunition within a minute, which translates to a bullet a second.

He then proceeded to say that the only logical explanation as to how the bandits managed to lay their hands on such weapons is through the European forces that come to train in Laikipia.
Every year, about 10,000 British troops train in Kenya, at the Nyati Barracks at the British Army Training Unit Kenya (Batuk) in Nanyuki, Laikipia County.

The hot weather and rough terrain in Kenya is considered ideal for the British Army troops to improve their skills while training in Laikipia.

Besides combat training, Nyati Barracks is said to further boost the economy of Nanyuki through direct employment and trade.

Batuk offers direct employment to about 576 locals and also offers casual jobs for up to 1,000 locals at given times.

Ol Moran is one of the seven Laikipia areas and ranches identified by the government last month as dangerous and unsafe.

They include the vast Laikipia Nature Conservancy, which is owned by conservationist Kuki Gullman in Laikipia West; government-owned ranches; ADC Mutara ranch in Laikipia West and the 80,000-acre Kirimon farm in Laikipia North.

Others are Mugie ranch, Loisaba and Kirimon Nature National Reserve, all in Laikipia North.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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