Government completes Kitui county projects even as Kalonzo’s suspicions of Ngilu deepen

The fallout within NASA now seems to spread outwards as Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka appears to wage a three front war against Raila, Kivutha Kibwana and now, reportedly, Kitui governor Charity Ngilu.

But even as this goes on, the government has embarked on a project in Kitui that is likely to aggravate the situation further, although economically, it’s sure to lead to more development. 

The national government has spent Sh19 million to rehabilitate Kitui Airstrip, in what John Ondego, the Kitui County Commissioner who presided over the opening, termed as efforts to meet the growing demand for affordable air transport and enhance connectivity with other parts of the country. 

Ondego said that air transport is now accepted as a fundamental pillar of our global society, as indispensable to our daily lives as medicine and telecommunications and essential for social progress and economic prosperity.

The rehabilitation work has give the space a new look, having refurbished the car park and construction of a modern ablution block for the public and VIPs. Only the runway remains, and is soon to be completed, according to the government.           

“Plans are underway to complete the runway to allow fixed wing planes to land and take off from the Kitui airstrip,” Ondego said.

In what won’t escape the attention of most, the renovation of the airstrip is expected to uplift installations that are run by the county government such as game reserves, an observation that the County Commissioner was keen to make.   

“This is the gateway to Kitui South game reserve. We have driven out all the illegal camel herders and other squatters inside the wildlife sanctuary. At the moment, one is able to see the big five and enjoy the ambience of nature undisturbed,” 

It has been rumoured that during last week’s meeting at State House in Nairobi, which brought together different party leaders in a plan on how to drum up support for the BBI, Kalonzo was dismayed to find that Ngilu had been invited too, as he felt that his presence was sufficient representation of the Kamba region.

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