Godfrey Osotsi makes bitter Kieleweke-tanga tanga opponents unite after controversial remark

For a while now, a common speculation that has been peddled over and over again as the country approaches the 2022 election is that although Mount Kenya might not currently have a clear successor to president Uhuru Kenyatta, this might change immediately following an unexpected turn of events. This scenario played out perfectly after nominated ANC rebel member of parliament Godfrey Osotsi found himself on the receiving end of two competing Central Kenya MPs who quickly ganged up on him following a swift reconciliation between themselves.


All this was unfolding on the set of KTN’s weekly political show Crossfire, which is usually hosted by Sophia Wanuna, but was this time round conducted by Ken Mijungu.


The three panelists on the show were Kandara member of parliament and vocal tanga tanga leader Alice Wahome, Ndaragwa legislator and Kieleweke member Jeremiah Kioni, and Godfrey Osotsi himself.
As expected, soon after the debate kicked off, the battle lines were drawn, and divided the panelists on the political sides of their leanings; Osotsi and Kioni on one side and constantly coming to each other’s support and the Handshake, while Alice Wahome found herself alone on the other end, braving attacks from the Handshake duo.

However, all these changed after Osotsi veered into what he didn’t know was a hot and sensitive topic.

Osotsi wondered what was the fundamental thing that Ruto had done for Mount Kenya which others such as Jaramogi (who he explained had ensured Kenyatta became president due to his unequivocal support for him) and Raila (who he explained, made Kibaki president through his Kibaki Tosha slogan at Uhuru Park) had not done. After failing to come up with a sensible explanation, Osotsi concluded that the only reason for the support Ruto was experiencing from the area leaders was because they were beneficiaries of Jubilee’s sham nominations which were engineered by Ruto.

This statement, which essentially appeared to cast doubt on the legitimacy of Central Kenya leaders made the two to quickly put aside their differences and turn on Osotsi. Kioni, who Osotsi basically also implied was a beneficiary of the sham nominations, dismissed the claims as material fit for just a book. .

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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