Go back to the drawing board! Akisa Wandera lectures president Uhuru in daring show

Although, on screen, the lovely Akisa Wandera, known for her melanin skin and raw natural African beauty, cuts the figure of a gentle and soft lady, she unleashed an edgy side of her that has previously only been associated with intense female journalists such as the world famous Christine Amanpour. Going as far as rubbishing the president’s apology which he issued back when police officers engaged in excesses while enforcing Covid-19 regulations, the Standard Group journalist appeared to be in an exceptionally unforgiving mood.


In the opinion piece which was published in her company’s newspaper, The Standard, Akisa Wandera acknowledged the damage that Corona has caused, and the need to curb it, but maintained that ramping up vaccinations instead of curfew rules, was the only way to go.
The daring show of blunt honesty saw her write;

“…The president would later apologise for these actions but the heavy-handedness of the police continues. Time has come for us to have an important conversation about the management of this virus and how in many cases the process has led to killings by the police.
Kenyans are indeed justified to call for the reopening of the country and specifically lifting of the curfew as it is costing lives. Is it time to rethink our strategy in curbing the spread of the virus while still ensuring human rights are upheld? Is it possible to come up with new policies that do not involve pain and suffering for the citizens?
Ramping up vaccination will be the only way out. Vaccinating a significant number of the population will mean better immunity.
In New York, for instance, the last of the Covid-19 restrictions were lifted and pubs and restaurants were no longer expected to close at midnight. The curfew for indoor dining was also lifted. And all this was possible because of the steps taken to vaccinate as many people as possible…”

Touching on the issue of extrajudicial killings that have angered Kenyans, she wrote,

“Currently, Kenyans are irked and extremely pained by the killings of Benson Njiru and brother Emmanuel Mutura. The two died in police custody after being arrested for flouting curfew rules. Their deaths are a representation of everything that is wrong with the very measures meant to protect them”

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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