Gidi’s rare show of marketing genius in display of brilliance on live radio.

Had it been in another country, what took place this week on Radio Jambo’s popular morning show, patanisho, would have been put on rotation, to be played and replayed for promotional purposes, over and over again.

Patanisho is basically a radio show that airs on Radio Jambo, and tries to reconcile people who have had a falling out with each other.

This week, one of the callers who was requesting to be reunited with his estranged wife had quite a inconveniencing challenge on his end which threatened to mess up the entire show, but a piece of quick and brilliant thinking from one of the show’s hosts, Gidi, turned the awkward moment into a memorable marketing op.

The caller of the day, a man in his late forties, had earlier sent his message which said he wanted to be reunited with his wife who was also in her forties after their break up due to his overdrinking. He also said, the fact that he had lost his job recently might have played a role.

However, the problem was that through all this, the caller, whose name was Mr.Nderi, was quite inaudible. Gidi and even the listeners were struggling to catch whatever he was saying.
Gidi asked him what the problem with his handset was, and he said he was using a faulty cheap mulika mwizi.
One of the sponsors of the show is the Neon phone which is sold on promotion by Safaricom, and so, when Gidi heard his problem, he shrewdly suggested that he stop using mulika mwizis and get himself a wonderful phone from the company he was promoting.

This led to a light moment, with the problems which were being experienced of communication being forgotten for a while.
The former luo songs singer managed to turn a communication mishap into a brilliant marketing opportunity due to quick and smart thinking.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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