Gidi recalls days back when he couldn’t speak Kiswahili

In a shocking move that not many celebrities would pull, Radio Jambo presenter, and host of the popular show Patanisho revealed something that many of his young fans don’t know. Most Kenyans below 30 only know the fast talking well-spoken Gidi of Radio Jambo who has excellent Kiswahili. However, nineties kids (born in the 80s and grew up in the 90s) remember a very different Gidi. Back then, he was one half of the popular Luo singing group Gidigidi Majimaji, and most people thought that Gidi had a speech impairment.

This is because, any time the duo would appear for an interview or promo for one of their songs, Gidigidi would remain tight-lipped, not even opening his mouth. It was always Majimaji that did all the talking and explanation. Whenever a presenter asked him something, he would stare blankly before Majimaji quickly jumped in and saved the day. It was only much later that people learned the reason for this peculiar behaviour; dude couldn’t speak Kiswahili.

On a Patanisho episode this week, Gidi, who has since cleaned up well, with a fancy accent to boot now, reminisced about those days in a quick light moment.

In the morning’s Patanisho, a young 24 year old by the name Lavender had sought to be reunited with her husband, a Homa Bay fella called Collins. According to Lavender, Collins married her with a child from a previous relationship, but was now playing favourites; giving his children with Lavender preferential treatment, and ignoring her child from a previous relationship.

The Patanisho couldn’t proceed well because when Collins was called, he could hardly communicate in Kiswahili.

After much struggle, with Gidi playing the interpreter for the listeners (Ghost is multi-lingual and could understand everything), the hosts, along with Lavender had a good laugh about the entire spectacle. However, Gidi then mentioned something that sounded like a joke to the young listeners, but which took the older fans down memory lane to the old days of Gidigidi Majimaji.

Gidi said that Luos aren’t good with Kiswahili, and that, even he, there at Radio Jambo, was only just trying his best. Ghost laughed knowingly, as he has been with him from the start..

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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