Gidi hints at his own baby mama drama in touching outpour of emotions

Radio Jambo’s popular presenter Gidi leads a life that can be simply described as a box of contradictions. However, this is a fact that he has managed to successfully keep out of the public domain. Not much is known of his private life, and he continues to hold his cards close to his chest. Nevertheless, in what appeared like a moment of weakness, the former musician let out more than he probably intended.

Just to put things into context, Patanisho is a segment within the popular Radio Jambo morning show known as Gidi na Ghost Asubuhi, and is run by Gidi and the former National football team head coach, Jacob Ghost Mulee. It basically invites callers to send in problems they may be having concerning broken relationships, from romantic ones, familial, to even professional relationships. The hosts usually take it upon themselves to mediate on behalf of the caller, and seek forgiveness or understanding from the aggrieved party.

In the latest episode, a fan by the name Obara called in seeking to be reunited with his estranged wife. However, when Gidi tried to reach out to the wife, she callously hang up and refused to pick up again. A disappointed Obara said that what disturbs him even more is that he has been blocked from accessing his children.

In a sudden and abrupt outburst that sounded weird to those who might not know Gidi’s life story, he flew off at a tangent, complaining how dispiriting it is to be blocked from seeing your child just because you are having problems with the mum.

Gidi who is currently happily married has admitted in the past to having his own personal problems with his baby mama. In a past Instagram post, he disclosed having problems accessing his kid from a previous relationship. He wrote,

This post (by Zari and Diamond) has warmed my heart,” in reference to a post showing them enjoying a light moment with their kids.

He then added: “I have another one who’s refused access to my son, nimejaribu nimechoka (I have tried till I got tired). We men tunapitia mambo hapa nje but we just vumilia. Mungu mbele (We men pass through a lot out here but just persevere. God first),”.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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