Gidi finally meets his match in DP Ruto; Nyamaza wewe! Usiniharakishe!

Joseph Ogidi Oyoo, popularly known as Gidi, is famous, or perhaps infamous, for his abrasive and rough nature on radio. He regularly harasses his co-host Ghost, much to the chagrin and sadness of female listeners who have a soft spot for the Harambee Stars coach, and feel sorry for him. He equally rides Patanisho callers hard, not giving them a moment to stammer, or make a single mistake.

However, this past week appeared to be a case of karma when he met his match in the Deputy President, William Ruto, during a radio interview for his station, Radio Jambo. The DP hosted them at his official Karen residence for the lengthy interview which took close to two hours, from 7:30 to some minutes past nine.
In the lively yet stormy interview that frequently appeared close to spinning out of control, Gidi would regularly interrupt the DP for clarification, or to keep him in line, or for some other reason. The DP, on the other hand, chaotically resisted Gidi’s interjections, and this kept taking them to near standoffs.

However, as the interview progressed, Dr. William Ruto who had the advantage of home ground as the host, and so kept holding back so as not to appear like a bad host, finally tore the leash of his neck, becoming more vicious.

He was in the process of explaining his bottom-up approach to the economy, and how it seeks to start empowerment from down at the low levels of the economic rungs upwards towards the higher levels.

It was at this point that Gidi interrupted him, urging him to quickly wrap up and answer a question he had asked earlier.

The DP’s response was combative, and escalated the more Gidi presented resistance. He told Gidi to wait for him to finish his point, to which Gidi maintained that they were running out of time. From this little to and fro, a scuffle that quickly spun into an all out confrontation erupted.

The DP threw courtesy through the window, and in stamping his foot down with authority, shut him down outright.

“Shut up! Usiniharakishe!” He proceeded to make it clear that what he was saying was important and couldn’t be simply tossed aside just like that.

The usually vocal Gidi fell as silent as a graveyard on a dark night.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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