Gidi apologises for his poor treatment of Ghost in heartfelt reconciliatory message

After Kenyan Report highlighted the disgruntlement among millions of Kenyan fans of Radio Jambo and its popular morning show Gidi na Ghost asubuhi, Joseph Ogidi Oyoo, popularly known as Gidi visited the Kenyan Report pages to offer his unreserved and heartfelt apologies over the issue.

Gidi, who is Jacob Ghost Mulee’s co-host in their successful morning show, and also Patanisho, which is a segment within their morning session, had been the object of Patanisho fans wrath. They were angry with how he apparently treats his co-host disrespectfully, and also callers of the Patanisho segment. This follows a story by Kenyan Report, which, interestingly, wasn’t even focusing on Gidi’s treatment of Ghost, but, in fact, DP Ruto’s harsh treatment of Gidi during an interview in the DP’s official Karen residence.

Following a barrage of comments from Kenyans taking issue with how Gidi has been treating Ghost on the show, Gidi showed his humble and mature side by posting a reconciliatory and apologetic message on Kenyan Report.
He wrote,

Thank you for the feedback, I am sorry for the mistake that I make on air. I will try my best to rectify them. Ghost is my good friend and everything we do on air is for fun and entertainment but I agree sometimes I get overboard due to the pressure that comes with the job……I will rectify ???

All is well that ends well, and amazingly, the story had a wonderful end to it following Gidi’s post.

Most fans were not only touched, but also pacified and moved by what many referred to as Gidi’s maturity and professionalism.

Also worth noting is that in yesterday’s episode of Gidi na Ghost Asubuhi, there was a marked and noticeable change in the way Gidi was interacting with Ghost.

He appeared to now treat him with more respect. Case in point is when he asked Ghost to do a quick mathematical calculation, and when Ghost got the answer quickly, Gidi was all over him, showering him with praises.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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