Ghost Mulee hints at painful relationship with nieces and nephews who call him Illuminati

The National team Harambee Stars Coach and also Radio Jambo presenter Jacob Ghost Mulee is one prominent personality who has mastered the art of keeping his personal and private life far away from the limelight. Little is known about his sons who are rumoured to be quite handsome young men, and whenever he talks about his wife on air, he uses a playful Kamba moniker which is obviously not her real name.


However, in a rare moment of opening his family experiences to the public, Ghost began talking about a specific encounter he had with some nieces and nephews who are, seemingly, his sister’s children.


This all unfolded during their popular radio show Patanisho. A young caller going by the names Fidel Ronnie reached out to Gidi and Ghost, seeking to be reconciled with his uncle. He confessed that back when he was in form one, he stole his uncle’s phone and went with it to school to show off, and do some betting too. However, the phone got lost in school and ever since then, the relationship between him and his uncle had never been the same again after he was found out.

When Gidi and Ghost called the uncle to try and patch up things, he had a slightly different version of what happened. He agreed that in deed his phone went missing. However, after realising he had been robbed, he picked Fidel as his confidant to conduct his own undercover investigations and find the culprit. His uncle suspected some of his cousins, especially one who had a drinking problem. He said that this was what hurt him the most, and also that Fidel also later went around maligning him and claiming he was Illuminati.


Gidi and Ghost managed to patch up things between the two. However, after they were through, Ghost began to emotionally open up on his own experiences. He said that as he listened to Fidel Ronnie, he could clearly see his own nieces and nephews. He said he was familiar with being accused of being Illuminati by your own nieces and nephews.


In a clear hint that the children he was talking about were specifically those of his sister, ghost concluded by saying that this behaviour was mostly among kids of female siblings.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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