Ghost Mulee finally speaks out; I escaped death by a whisker

Harambee Stars coach and FM Radio heartthrob Jacob “ghost” Mulee has finally broken his long silence, much to the relief of his millions of fans that were worried sick, and beside themselves with uncertainty about his condition.

Ghost has been stuck in India for weeks now after the government imposed travel restrictions on the country following a blow-up of Corona virus cases which occasioned precautionary measures to be taken to avoid a spill over of the problem in the country.

Mulee had taken a trip to India with the sole purpose of donating a kidney to his ailing brother. However, they shelved the whole idea after a professor convinced them the problem could be addressed without his brother necessarily undergoing the procedure which entailed a kidney transplant.

He then decided to return home before the unexpected happened. He had already booked a ticket back to Kenya but made a point to do a body check before he travelled. That’s when he found out he was suffering from a very dangerous medical condition.

Mulee said ear, nose and throat specialist Dr Kalpna Nagpla diagnosed him with a medical condition known as obstructive sleep apnea, which causes intense snoring and depletes oxygen from the body.

“The doctor told me that I could have easily died in my sleep given the condition depletes oxygen in the system and can easily end a patient’s life if not treated well,” Mulee said.

“It’s a condition that gets me snoring so much and sometimes I even stay for one and half minutes without breathing. The oxygen level goes below the normal,” he added.

Other symptoms associated with the condition include daytime sleepiness, snoring, gasping during sleep and insomnia.

There are also respiratory episodes of no breathing, breathing through the mouth, loud breathing or shortness of breath, hyperactivity or irritability.
Also common are fatigue, depression, dry mouth, grinding of the teeth, headache, lack of concentration, low libido, memory impairment and sore throat.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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