George Sirima Okaro is the man to beat in Butula Parliamentary race

The 2022 general elections will present Kenya with a shift from the culture of electing leaders based on their tribe and political inclination to electing leaders based on their expertise and track record.

This has been well elaborated by the entry and quick popularity of Butula Parliamentary aspirant George Sirima Okaro in the race to succed incumbent Member of Parliament Joseph Oyula.

Okaro, who until his entry into politics was seen as an underdog has become the talk of the town to cartels who are now running scared.

All candidates contesting for the seat have their guns trained at George Sirima as he continues to make inroads in the region.

In the Azimio la Umoja Movement, Nobert Wangalwa who announced his bid early hoping to be the front runner has been left wondering how tides changed from his side. The incumbent MP Joseph Oyula has failed to capitalise on the power of incumbency in the parliamentary race, former MPs Michael Onyura and Alfred Odhiambo have their bids dead on arrival and have joined Wangalwa and Oyula in directing attacks on the candidature of George Okaro.

Okaro has not yet officially launched his campaign but opponents are running scared in fear of facing his opposition at the ballot.

Debunking the thought that his meteoric rise in popularity in the Butula Parliamentary race by his deep pockets, those who understand his modus operandi will confirm that the Okaro is not a random person. The Butula aspiring MP is very strategic and deliberate in how he approaches everything including his business acumen.

His shrewdness in business if translated into the political arena will make even the so called political gurus run helter skelter, this to the benefit of the Butula electorate.

His closeness to the powers that be and his attitude towards politics would be reason enough to cause worry to any opponent.

Three weeks after coming public to announce his intention to vie for the Butula top seat, Okaro has already made shock waves leading in opinion polls that have been conducted by major polling companies in Kenya.

As people continue thinking of Okaro as a rockie in politics, he has consistently maintained focus and has challenged the electorates not to elect leaders who lack vision and whose priority is in their own interests.

Okaro has maintained that he intends to bring the expertise he has gained from his international interactions into the management of Butula Constituency to ensure that the region achieves a third wave in commercial development.

Undoubtedly, if Okaro’s name will be on the ballot come August general elections, then ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the sixth Member of Parliament of the constituency of Butula.

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    Written by Paul Nyongesa

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