Furious Miguna calls Raila madman, discloses traditional Luo ritual of madmen

ODM leader Raila Odinga gifted by Githurai Traders after the discussion on BBI initiative at Two Rivers Mall on Thursday 15, January 2020./WILFRED NYANGARESI

Although it’s an obvious and well known fact that illegally exiled controversial Kenyan-Canadian lawyer Dr. Miguna Miguna is one of Raila Odinga’s most fierce critics, he appeared to be in a specially belligerent mood, as he went on a rampage, throwing all he has at the former Prime Minister.

Dr. Miguna, who went on what can only be described as a bashing spree, spared no words from his rich arsenal of abusive vocabularies in describing the African Union’s High Representative for Infrastructure Development.

However, most memorable and striking in his vast bank of terminologies, were Madman and drunkard. He referred to Raila as both, before going on to dismiss his chances of ever ascending to the leadership of the country.

He described Raila as an 80 year old madman who had mounted a dead donkey to help him climb mount Kenya. The “dead donkey” slur was an obvious barb at his other arch enemy, Uhuru Kenyatta. He then went ahead to narrate a Luo tradition involving Mad men. He said that in the past, Luos would fetch mad men from foreign lands, get them drunk then lock them with someone that had died single. This was done so as to ward off misfortunes brought about by curses. The tweet read,

Dr. Miguna Miguna
An 80-year-old Muguruki has climbed on top of a dead donkey to help him climb Mount Kenya in preparation for the 2022 presidential race. Luos used to hire foreign Mugurukis, ply them with alcohol and lock them up in rooms with adults who had died single to “remove curses.”

Before this was an earlier tweet against the former Premier which was just as scathing. It read,

Dr. Miguna Miguna
Just like @EdgarCLungu
learnt in Zambia last week, an old, tired and drunken Muguruki will be a sight of comic relief but nothing else, because voters know that dead donkeys can neither climb mountains nor win races. Welcome to the circuit season. #UhuruMustFall

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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