Furious Makau Mutua discloses embarrassing secrets about Justin Muturi from their school days.

University don and outspoken lawyer Makau Mutua has spilled the beans on Justin Muturi, revealing details that date back to days when they were still in school together.


The professor was defending Mwende Mwinzi who has been nominated to an Ambassadorial post in South Korea, but has been facing opposition in parliament.


The enraged Makau Mutua referred to the MPs opposed to Mwende’s appointment as small and petty people, and went ahead to declare that he suspects them of either being users of hard drugs, or having propositioned Mwende who probably rejected their shameful sexual advances.


He didn’t stop there. Makau went on to disclose that the National Assembly speaker Justin Muturi was so unpopular back in school that fellow students planned to beat him up.


In a Sunday Nation op-ed titled, The Mwende Mwinzi vendetta, he wrote

“Let me single out a few culprits. One is Speaker Justin Muturi, who’s Mr Kenyatta’s man in the National Assembly. He once served as a magistrate but left the Judiciary under a cloud. I know him well. He was a year ahead of me in law school at the University of Nairobi. It was Kanu’s heyday and he was reputed to be close to the repressive state. I was a senior official in student leadership then. Students regarded him with hostility and at one point came close to “teaching him a lesson”.


Professor Makau Mutua’s latest fit of anger has been triggered by a Bill in parliament titled the Foreign Service Bill which appears to target diaspora candidates in general and Mwende Mwinzi in particular.


If passed, it would block people who hold dual citizenship from holding Ambassadorship roles.


In the Bill, section 23(3)(a) provides that a nominee for ambassador “shall be a citizen of the Republic of Kenya and shall not, during the duration of their appointment, hold the citizenship of another country”.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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