Eric Omondi shocks fans by disclosing he’s not entirely Luo.

It has been barely months since top comedian and radio presenter Doctor King’ori shocked the entire nation after dropping a bombshell that he is a Luo by tribe.All along, he had come across  as someone from the Mount Kenya region.

Doctor King’ori revealed that the reason he had concealed the real identity of his ethnic origin was so that when he finally revealed it, people would realize how futile and meaningless stereotyping is.

Recently. Eric Omondi, revealed something about his ethnicity that most people didn’t  know about.  Prior to this, Eriko, as he is popularly known, had always been one of those who people loved to say about, “He doesn’t look Luo”, and now it seems like they may have been right in a way.


Appearing on The Trend with Amina Abdi Rabar, Eriko was trying to make a point that the controversy surrounding his show has actually served to make it even more popular when he began talking about his mother’s sister.He said that his mum’s sister  spoke to him about the show. Just to confirm that his mum is indeed a Luhya, he went ahead and did an impression of the mum’s sister, laden with a thick Luhya accent.

In the wide-ranging interview, Eriko spoke on his ordeal with KFCB chair Ezekiel Mutua said he wasn’t entirely against what Mutua was saying, he admitted that Mutua was right about two things. One, Eriko talked about licensing. He agreed that he had no license. Two, he agreed that he should have given his show the appropriate rating it required. Insinuating that season two wouldn’t be the end and  there would be a season three, he said that the show was opening up the country to East Africa, and in turn, opening up East Africa to the Continent.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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