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From Raila to Ruto , Who are The gods and goddesses of Kenyan Politics?


In the political scene in Kenya where there are many sharks and humans it is improbable to escape drama. Those with sharp teeth have to put more effort to get food from the many fish in the ocean. For one to thrive, tactic and wit must be implemented in the art. There are those that have managed to stay in the game but sadly some have been thrown out the boat. Just what makes these gods and goddesses of politics tick?


He is known as the enigma of Kenyan politics. Nobody can foretell what move he will pull next and that has made him top of the game over the years. Any mention of his name and his followers go nuts. There are people willing to die for him and on several occasions, they have proved just how loyal they are to him. Baba as he is widely known, has been able to smell trouble and death from a distance. He has escaped death several times thanks to his wide connections that extend borders. Jakom inherited his political career from his father who was one of the founding fathers of the nation. His reputation precedes him hence why he was given a role in the African Union. He was appointed High Representative for infrastructure Development in Africa towards the end of 2018.


Popularly known as hustler, has made a name for himself from scratch. The Kalenjin demigod although one of the most talked about politicians in Kenya considering his 2022 presidential ambitions, may have a few hurdles to jump before he clinches the top seat. The chicken seller has formed allies from all regions and keeps on campaigning across the country but it’s like his efforts are not bearing fruit. Regardless, his legacy has kept him on top of the game and with 2022 nearing, let’s wait and see what moves he will make.



In case you live under a tree, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta is the current president of Kenya. Inherited political career or not, he has independently created an image for himself as one of the coolest presidents Kenya has ever had. But when it comes to his political legacy, there is not so much to smile about. His reign as president has seen Kenya sink deeper into debt hence his outbursts in public trying to leave a better legacy than his father. One thing is for sure, the fight to end corruption in his tenure is far from over but thumbs up to the DCI who has tried to combat the menace.

Martha Karua

The iron lady is one of the first female politicians to try her hand at the ballot to become president. Martha Karua who has been unsuccessful in the past, is not giving up hope anytime soon and her no nonsense attitude has helped her stay afloat in this field that has seen many political aspirants flop in  their first attempt. But it looks like the iron lady has Kirinyaga governor Anne Waiguru giving her a run for her money after defeating the former in the 2017 general elections.


Governor 001 as he is known as, has given the Uhuru administration sleepless nights going back and forth on several occasions before the handshake. His followers love him for his style and his loyalty towards baba. There have been rumors circulating that he may be in the ballot to try clinch the top seat and whether that will ever come to pass is a story only fortune tellers know for now.

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    Written by Belindar Momanyi

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