Fresh twist; new name Introduced in Wycliffe Omwenga’s death- Stephen Ole Tanki

The latest details that are now emerging concerning the death of Kelvin Omwenga’s brother continue to read like a page from a thriller novel with the introduction of a high profile personality in the name of Stephen Ole Tanki. Kelvin Omwenga’s brother was the key witness in the murder of his brother, a murder that gripped the entire nation. The murder of Kelvin Omwenga itself was just as dramatic. The country was treated to CCTV footage that began with Omwenga walking into a high-end apartment in the company of a young beautiful Tanzanian lady. Later, an alleged hitman could be seen entering his apartment and afterwards get out in a huff and seeming worried. After a while he is seen getting back in, and getting out with Kelvin Omwenga’s body, assisted with the now late Wycliffe Omwenga and the Tanzanian lady. They put Kelvin in a car and speed off. The alleged hitman is seen later in a subsequent footage seemingly trying to hide the murder weapon.

Now, popular blogger Robert Alai has implicated the Kilimani DCIO, Stephen Ole Tanki, in a cover-up of the mysterious death of Wycliffe Omwenga.

In a tweet, he called upon the office of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to put public all developments that had taken place in the Wycliffe Omwenga murder thus far. He then claimed that Stephen Ole Tanki was determined to hide the facts of the case because he intended to benefit from the gangs involved. He wrote,

Robert Alai (Fisherman), HSC
@DCI_Kenya, the key witness in Kevin Omwenga’s murder, Wycliffe Omwenga, was murdered. Kindly share what you have found out since the new DCIO Kilimani seems determined to hide the facts and harvest from the wash-wash gangs.
The Directorate of Criminal Investigations or even the Kilimani DCIO office are yet to respond to Mr. Alai’s claims.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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