Fresh scandalous details behind fundraising that caused DP to embarrass naive Kang’ata

Whether through bad luck or naivety, Murang’a senator Irungu Kang’ata got himself mixed up in a complicated web of money trail which led to the Deputy President dressing him down in public in his own home county recently. Fresh details are now emerging about the organiser of the fundraiser Mr. Edward Muriu, who exactly he is to DP Ruto, and why it was unthinkable to the DP for anyone to contribute only 40, 000.

For a while now, it has been rumoured that the Deputy President makes sure his money does rounds in circles despite the figure he cuts in public of a generous wealthy leader. Machakos governor Dr. Alfred Mutua once even insinuated in a past interview without mentioning names, that some leaders give huge amounts of money to the church in public but then later on go back privately to demand part of the contribution back, and this is done with the tacit approval of the church leadership.

Early this month, Deputy President William Ruto attended, at Gatunyu Grounds in Murang’a County, a funds drive. He helped launch the Wakili Edward Muriu Pesa Mfukoni Bursary Fund, a Shs 100-Million kitty that will support needy children in schools. This is the initiative of Edward Muriu, the Gatanga constituency parliamentary seat aspirant on a United Democratic Alliance party ticket. However , more necessary to note is that Muriu is the Legal Affairs Secretary for UDA. Even more interesting is that, Muriu has carried out numerous “Hustlers Empowerment Tours” in Gatanga targeting Traders, Women Groups and Boda Boda Sacco with his motto “Wendani ukirite Gutonga.”, and continues to do so.

Bearing all this in mind, it would appear that technically, the fundraising was for UDA in general, and for DP William Ruto in particular.

Whether Kang’ata knew this interconnection of facts, or innocently stumbled into a well arranged set piece remains a mystery.

In the stormy incident, the DP told his senator friend,

“Si unataka kuwa gavana? Hapana…Ksh 40,000 haitoshi gavana …Enda tafuta Ksh100,000 ulete. Acha kusumbua sisi, gavana yupi was ksh40,000 (How can you contribute Ksh40,000 yet you have declared your interest to run for gubernatorial seat? A governor can’t contribute Ksh40,000, you will have to bring Ksh100,000),”.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga

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