Fresh row in division and inheritance of former President Moi’s wealth as creditor moves to court

A new development has emerged in the sharing and inheritance of former President Daniel Arap Moi’s multi-billion estate.

This is after the family of former Chief Noah Chelugui was enjoined in a lawsuit seeking to stop the former head of State’s family from dividing and inheriting his wealth over 1 billion debt.

Noah’s family is seeking to block the appointment of an administrator to the Moi’s wealth until they take into consideration the 1 billion the former President owed the ex-chief.

Chelugui’s widow Susan and son David asked the court to order the Mois to pay the sum of money owed to the family as compensation for their 53-acres of land acquired by the former head of state illegally.

The family threatened to stop Moi’s family from sub-dividing his estate and executing his will until their order is granted. 

“Should this court confirm the said grant (of appointing an administrator), justice will be defeated on our part as it will be difficult or even impossible to execute the judgment and/or enjoy the fruits of our litigation.

“We are entitled to our share as ruled by the Land and Environmental Court,” David Chelugui stated in court documents.

David and their mother went on to demand another billion to cover for their legal compensation and other expenditures incurred during the fight.

The Chelugui’s, therefore, demanded a sum of Ksh2 billion from the Mois and prayed that the court grants their wish for the Mois to set aside the money from their succession talks. 

The two also asked the court to consider appointing Nairobi lawyer Zehrababu Janmohammed as the executor of the former President’s will as opposed to an administrator as argued by Moi’s family.

The former head of state passed on early last year on February 4, and in his will, he noted that all his children (Jennifer, Raymond, Philip, John Mark, Doris, June, Gideon, and the late Jonathan) would get an equal portion of the property.

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    Written by Fred Orido




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