Free livestock vaccination boosts voter registration in Webuye. By Delan Wafula.

A new tactic has been devised to boost voter registration in Webuye constituency. 

Free livestock vaccination has been introduced to pull masses as low voter registration turnout is being witnessed countrywide.

Steve Kaiser Foundation has sponsored the drive that has seen Matulo Ward take a lead in voter registration in Webuye.

Steve Kaiser is an aspirant for Matulo ward seat.

Thousands of livestock thronged the various vaccination centres as IEBC officers used the opportunity to register farmers.

“This is the highest number of farmers turnout since this annual vaccination kicked off more than ten years ago. We have never witnessed such a drive”, said Tome Wafula , a veteran vet from Matulo.
He said farmers have always had a low turnout due to financial constraints.

He said this year the turnout has shot up by more than 70% compared to yester years.

More than 7,000 animals have been vaccinated in Matulo against Skin Lump disease.

Long queues of new voter registration were witnessed at IEBC desks as farmers lined up to register.

Bungoma County ministry of agriculture has said the vaccination exercise hit more than 90% success turnout unlike the past years.

According to the IEBC commission’s data , Matulo ward is leading in new voter registration in Webuye West constituency .

Foundation’s programme director Isaac Wanjekeche has lauded the exercise and termed it magic in pulling masses to register.

“Democracy is expensive and such innovative methods are best suited to boost the numbers.” , said Wanjekeche.

” For the Western region to meet the 2M voter target, more practical and pragmatic steps must be taken. Empty rhetoric by politicians wont solve the problems “, added Wanjekeche.

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