Former president now almost certain to run in 2022 after latest development

They say nothing is impossible in politics, and that you should always learn to expect the unexpected, and if recent events are anything to go by then that saying has proven to be very true in light of recent events.

The former president is a man who had been written off by almost everyone due to the circumstances surrounding him. Most expected him to never come out of retirement, and the few who imagined he would run again in 2022 felt that even the mere chances of this happening were extremely slim.

However, considering all that has happened in the last twenty four hours, and the major decision that the courts have made, it has now become almost something of a certainty that Brazil’s former president Lula Da Silva will be on the ballot come next year.

A Brazilian Supreme Court judge on Monday annulled the criminal convictions against former leftist President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, a move that could allow the popular politician to run in next year’s presidential election.

Lula, 75, governed Latin America’s biggest country and largest economy between 2003 and 2011, overseeing a commodities boom that turbocharged economic growth.
In 2018, he was convicted of taking bribes from engineering firms in return for public contracts and spent a year and a half behind bars, until the Supreme Court ruled he and others could appeal their cases without serving time.

Lula and his supporters blasted the anti-corruption task force that brought him down, called Operation Car Wash, as a politically driven effort. Leaked conversations in 2019 raised questions about whether investigators had cut corners to secure prosecutions. The task force was disbanded in February.
In a note, Lula’s legal team said the decision on Monday was recognition that the former president was innocent.

His conviction had prevented him from running for another presidential term in 2018.

The charismatic former union leader is a polarizing figure but still beloved by much of Brazil’s working class for bringing millions out of poverty through generous social welfare programs.

Lula is the only one of 10 potential 2022 candidates who outperformed the president in a survey by polling company Ipec, published in newspaper O Estado de S.Paulo last week.

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    Written by Joshua Wanga




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